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Obi_wanmuse gave me some valuable advice that I have decided to put to use. I will use this journal as I see fit. I will write about the irrelevant things that I find puzzling.

For example, I will record my observations on the inconsistencies of human behavior in this journal.
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My author tells me I have been avoiding my responsibility to my journal. She is correct but I refuse to admit to her that she is. I know that I have been avoiding it.

I do not like to acknowledge my imperfections and this journal requires that I do so.
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The repairs to Voyager are nearly complete. I sustained damage when a plasma conduit ruptured near me while I was replacing a neural gel pack. The damage is not life threatening merely an annoyance but the Doctor insists I spend twenty-four hours regenerating. My author left a note by my alcove informing me that I should update my journal before I regenerate.

I have now complied.
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We encountered a class 4 ion storm yesterday, Voyager sustained heavy damage. I do not have the time to write anything further now I am needed in engineering.
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When my author found out about Lieutenant Paris’ invitation the day before yesterday she responded in her usual illogical way. She said I should think about agreeing to go with him the next time he asked or I could spend time with Neelix, the choice was mine.

So today I will be accompanying Lieutenant Paris to the holo-deck. I am apprehensive, the last time I went he did not approve of my actions. I disabled Doctor Chaotica’s robot in the most efficient way possible but he did not appreciate it. He told me that I did not properly ‘play along‘.

I hope he did not choose his Doctor Chaotica program today.
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Lieutenant Tom Paris asked me if I wanted to join him in the holodeck today and when I replied no he said that I needed to let my hair down and have some fun.

I do not understand what my hair has to do with having fun. Would I have less ‘fun’ if I left my hair up? Is the amount of ‘fun’ relevant to one’s hair preferences?

The human usage of slang continues to perplex me.
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My author was not amused by my first journal entry. She informed me that I would be spending time with Neelix if I did not write more then one sentence in this journal. I tried to explain to her that this journal was pointless but logic does not work with my author. I do not wish to spend time with Neelix. I said I would comply.

At least until I can convince her that my time would be better spent on more productive activities.
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This journal is irrelevant.


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